Broadwall Sheens
100% Acrylic Latex paint formulated to combine exceptional quality with our signature color palette. Remarkable coverage, easy application and superior flow/leveling make Ralph Lauren Paint an excellent choice to bring beauty and protection to interior walls, ceilings, trim and doors.
RL 31XX – Ralph Lauren Interior Latex Matte
RL 35XX – Ralph Lauren Interior Latex Eggshell
RL 32XX – Ralph Lauren Interior Latex Satin
RL 33XX – Ralph Lauren Interior Latex Semi-Gloss

Deeptone Primer
This is the ultimate first-step for achieving a true, saturated appearance of deep, rich color with fewer topcoats. This primer/sealer is can be tinted to a recommended undercoat color providing a solid base to apply dark colors.
RL 1692 Ralph Lauren Interior Deeptone Primer

River Rock
An engineered specialty finish that used directly from the can, captures the subtly textured look of timeworn river rocks awash in a turbulent stream. Black and white beads in the paint achieve mottled dark and light highlights. This finish can be tinted in 40 signature colors.
RL 2300 Ralph Lauren River Rock

An engineered specialty finish that simulates the supple hand of brushed suede leather directly from the can. White beads in the paint provide a textural matte finish. This finish can be tinted in 48 signature colors.
RL 2150 Ralph Lauren Suede

Regent Metallics
This interior acrylic metallic specialty finish provides shimmering richness to broadwall, trim and faux applications and can be tinted in 76 of our signature colors.
RL 2601 Ralph Lauren Regent Metallic Gold Base
RL 2602 Ralph Lauren Regent Metallic Silver Base
Apply with the Regent Metallic Roller for hammered metal appearance.

Faux Glaze
Interior acrylic faux technique glaze developed for use with Ralph Lauren exclusive fabric techniques and traditional faux applications. This translucent finish provides striking visual depth and can be tinted in all of the colors in the Ralph Lauren paint palette directly in the can, eliminating messy on-site mixing.
RL 2420 Ralph Lauren Faux Technique Glaze

Candlelight Topcoat
A warm, reflective topcoat designed to enhance any Ralph Lauren painted wall and emulate the radiant effect of flickering candles. Candlelight can be applied over any of our 500 signature colors.
RL 2700 Ralph Lauren Candlelight Topcoat