LifeStyle Colors
  • Chester Grey
    RL Number: NA48
  • Shale Blue
    RL Number: VM124
  • Aluminum
    RL Number: VM160
  • Stony Mountain
    RL Number: NA15
  • Cameroon Green
    RL Number: NA66
  • Sandoval Blue
    RL Number: IB97
  • Washed Down White
    RL Number: UL57
  • Walton Cream
    RL Number: RLVM230
  • Mademoiselle
    RL Number: RLVM203
  • Rosewood Pink
    RL Number: RLVM212
  • Shoreline Blue
    RL Number: RLVM278
  • Early Morning
    RL Number: RLVM218
  • Blue Mesa
    RL Number: RLVM285
  • Chroma Violet
    RL Number: RLVM201
  • Ivory Coast
    RL Number: RLWW218
  • Celery
    RL Number: RLVM269
  • Parchment
    RL Number: RLNA207
  • Cool Grey
    RL Number: RLWW230
  • Goldfinch
    RL Number: RLVM239
  • Light Sky
    RL Number: RLIB221
  • Vermeer
    RL Number: RLVM277
  • Claude
    RL Number: RLVM250
  • Olive Tree
    RL Number: RLVM252
The color of the wet paint contained in your sample may appear different from that of your color chip. Once the paint is applied and dry, the color will be consistent with your color chip. On-screen swatches are photo representations and do not reflect color with 100% accuracy; therefore we recommend visiting our comprehensive color display for exact paint chip replication. For those colors requiring use of Deeptone Primer, we suggest painting two coats on a 1ft. x 1ft. area for the most accurate color representation. Please call our Paint Specialists at 1-800-379-7656 to find out where you can purchase our products.